shopping through search function

Is your printer not listed in our website? Or, you don't know your detail printer model number? Or, you don't know your detail ink cartridge model number? ......
No worries, just use our search function to help you finding out what you want!

In our website, we provide a search function. That means you can search what you want basing on limit information

Type down key words
** about what you want to search. Then click search button.

e.g. CANON S300


Now, you will have a result. Just click the result to continue shopping.

* About limit information.
   In most conditions, if you have your printer's brand & model
   number, you can find our cartridges for your printer exactly.
   But in few conditions, you will find that your printer is
   not listed in our website. That is maybe because your printer
   is not sold for New Zealand or your printer is a old model.
   Don't worry about that! Just find out your inkcartridge model
   number and search it in our website. You will find out what you
* About key words.
   Key words mean words those can describe your printer exactly.
   E.G. You have a Canon color inkjet printer, model number is S300.
   the original ink cartridge number is BCI-24Bk & BCI-24C.
   So, you can list the key words as the following:
     Brand: Canon
     Printer model number: S300
     Original inkcartridge number: BCI-24Bk, BCI-24C
And now, you can find out our cartridges for your printer
through category list base on your brand & printer model number.
Or, you can find out our cartridges for your printer
through search function, just using key words S300, BCI-24Bk or BCI-24C.

Tips: If you fill in key words "BCI 24Bk" ignoring symbol "-",
you will get results more exactly.