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How to shop at inkVenus?

Shopping at inkVenus is easy. Just follow the Step-by-Step instruction below.

Check your printer brand and model!canonbjc6100.jpg
To find the right cartridge for your printer it is important that you exactly identify the model designation of your printer. The model designation is usually to be found on the chassis or underneath of the printer.
E.g. Canon BJC-6100.

Select your printer manufacturerselectbrand.gif

In the menu to the left you will find some pre-selected printer brands. Click on your brand. If you want to find a laser Toner, please select "Toner Cartridge"

Select your Model Designationselectbjc6100.gif

Now you will find all supported printer models of the selected brand listed in the main window. If available. Select your printer model by clicking on its designation.

Order your goodscartridgefor6100.gif

The main window now shows all supplies we market for your printer. To put an article into the shopping basket click on the "ADD TO CART" button. For more items of the same type fill out the number of desired items.

The Shopping Basketshoppingcart.gif
In the Shopping Basket you will find all items you have put into the basket moreover you can increase or decrease the number of copies for an article and even remove articles from your basket. When you are satisfied go to the Checkout.

Register your detailsregisterinfo.gif
Register your personal and address details, as well as payment information. We do recommend you to fill out all details asked for in order to make sure your order to be valid. Your E-mail address is necessary for your order confirmation. And then click "PLACE ORDER" to submit your order! (If you have registered a member before and have login our website, you needn't fill out these details again. Just fill out your payment information, because we don't keep your payment information for secure issue.)

Look how easy it is to place an order at inkVenus! Your Order Confirmation has been dispatched including all information regarding your purchase. And you will receive a order confirmation email if you select this option while registering.