Here you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions received by Customer Support.

About inkVenus

inkVenus is the New Zealand online retailer of compatible ink cartridges and laser toners on the Internet. Our ambition is to offer our customers low and competitive prices, exclusive offers and rapidly delivery.

inkVenus is GST registered in New Zealand.

GST Number: 89-196-736

For additional information about the company and other questions, we refer to our Customer Service (please read our SUPPORT section for contact information) where all questions are answered or distributed to our marketing, technical or order department.

Why should I shop at inkVenus?

What all our customers have in common is the discovery of lower pricing on cartridges, an easy and convenient way of shopping and rapid deliveries directly to your own home.

Cartridge prices are increasingly discussed in the daily news all over New Zealand and consumers are often annoyed by costs to keep a printer running. That is the main reason why inkVenus started – to offer consumers alternatives to “recommended retail prices” on cartridges. This is indeed possible when using the Internet as a sales channel.

How is it possible to sell cartridges at lower prices?

At the moment the difference in pricing can be significant among cartridges for the same printer model. The problem is that most consumers are not aware of existing cheaper alternatives or they might even have been recommended not to use alternative solutions for their printer. inkVenus knows that prices can be lowered.

We have increased the choice and range of alternatives for your printer model, with different options and prices, instead of only offering a “recommended retail price” by the manufacturer on original cartridges. Moreover, we often change our pricing based upon customer input in order to stay competitive.

What type of ink cartridges do you offer?

Compatible cartridges are not produced by the original manufacturer but will work just as good for your printer – at a considerable lower price than original cartridges. You may even try one of our compatible cartridges as we are confident you will appreciate the quality. Compare the prices on our compatible cartridges with original cartridges and determine how much you will save.

inkVenus’ compatible cartridges are produced by our manufacturing partners with ISO 9001 certified production processes. Our requirements are steep in order to become an accepted supplier of ink cartridges. Independent tests in several digital photo and computer magazines have confirmed the quality of our ink cartridges and the fact that a consumer will save a lot of cash by using our alternatives to original cartridges.

Compare our prices with the recommended retail prices on cartridges from the original manufacturers. Regardless of your ink cartridge model you will always be able to save by shopping at inkVenus, as we are constantly negotiating pricing and buying larger volumes than any other actor in New Zealand.

How do I find cartridges that matches my printer?

To find matching cartridges and prices for your printer do as follows:
Select your printer brand in the left corner and search for your printer model in the list that opens up.

Click on your printer model and you will get the full list of products for your printer with prices and information about them.

I have forgotten my password, how do I find out what it is?

Use the link "Forgot your password?" in the login box to the right and follow the instructions. The password will be e-mailed to the address you have registered with us.

I am trying to place my order but always get's a message stating that the shopping basket is empty, although I have put goods into it. Why?

This may be caused by a number of different reasons, normally you don´t have "cookies" enabled. Another cause might be your proxy settings.

Can I place my order by e-mail instead of from the website?

Sorry, it is not possible. Our ordering system is fully automated and all orders must be placed from the website. It is very simple to place an order from the website, just follow our Step by Step Guide.

I have received a faulty product and want to return it. How do I proceed?

A valid Return number is required for all returns to inkVenus. We cannot accept any return that does not have a valid Return number clearly printed on the outside of the package. You can request a Return number by sending an e-mail to Customer Support. Quote your invoice number and/or your customer name and describe the reason for return in detail. Customer Support will e-mail you a Return number.

I want to call you but cannot find your phone number.

Sorry, you cannot contact us by phone, only by e-mail. This allows us to keep a cost-efficient organization and gives you the opportunity to purchase cartridges and imaging supplies at reduced prices.

How do I enable Java?

When using Netscape Navigator 3.0 ... go to the Options menu in your web browsers toolbar. Select Network Preferences, and then select the Languages tab. Place checkmarks in both the Enable Java, and the Enable Java Script boxes.
( Please note the Netscape 4.x series browsers do not fully support the Java 1.1 interface. Ironically, Netscape 3.x series browsers have better Java support.)

When using Internet Explorer 4.0 or above ... go to the Tools - Internet Options menu on your browsers toolbar. Select Advanced Options, and then select Security. In the custom dialog box ensure Java is enabled with high security. Then go to the Advance tab and place a checkmark in both Enable Java Jit compiler, and Enable Java logging.

How should my firewall be configured?

If you are behind a firewall ports 80 and 443 must be open for both outgoing and incoming traffic. Contact your system administrator or read more about it in your firewall documentation.

How do I enable cookies?

To enable cookies In Netscape:

1: Select 'Edit' from the top of your browser and then from the resultant list: choose 'Preferences'.

2: A wee box should pop up. Over at the left hand side of this box is a list of categories. One of these is called 'advanced'. Click on this so that it becomes highlighted.

3: The right hand side of the box should change and at the bottom of the page is a section on cookies. You should check the 'Accept all cookies' option. You can also choose to be asked about each cookie in turn, but I found this to be a real pain as you get asked so many times!

In Internet Explorer 6:

1: Select 'Tools'from the top of your browser and then 'Internet Options'.

2: A pop up box will appear. At the top of this box are several tabs. Choose the 'Advanced'(sometimes its actually in 'Security') tab.

3:The page you have now is all about various security options. Choose security level 'Medium' or choose "Edit" and put "www.inkVenus.co.nz" as the address of the website. Mark "allow" and click on "Ok".

How to configure Proxy settings?

If you use a proxy server make sure that you use the same proxy settings for HTTP and SECURE (HTTPS). Other ways your Shopping Basket might be emptied when you go to checkout. The way to change the proxy settings varies with the browsers. You will find more information in the help files for your browser.

Select 'Edit' from the top of your browser and then from the resultant list: choose 'Preferences'.
A wee box should pop up. Over at the left hand side of this box is a list of categories. One of these is called 'advanced'. Click on this and then on "Proxy".
Click on "Show" besides "Manual Proxy" and check that "HTTP" and "Secure" points to the same address.

Select 'Tools' from the top of your browser and then 'Internet Options'. Then you choose the tab "Connections" followed by "LAN-settings" and "Advanced" check that "Use the same proxy for all addresses" is checked.

If there still are problems you might need to disable proxy completely.

How could I disable my proxy settings?

Click on Edit in the menu and choose Preferences.
In the Category box select Proxies below Advanced.
Make sure that there is a dot next to Direct connection to the Internet
Click on OK to finish.

Internet Explorer:
Select Tools
Select Internet options
Select Connections
Select the LAN Settings button
Uncheck the option "Use a proxy server"

The use of cookies

Because of strictly technical reasons our website is supported by so called cookies. This improves the performance of our website while visiting.

A "Cookie" is a small piece of information that a Web site can store in a designated file on your computer. It can be used, among other things, to keep track of things in your shopping cart when you exit the online store, view other parts of our site, then return to order another product. Our site uses cookies for this reason. Without cookies, your earlier shopping cart selections would be lost. Our cookies don’t contain any personal information (name, email address) about you or your use of other people's websites. We use them only for marketing purposes.

If you don’t want the cookies to be stored you can switch off the function in your browser, under "security settings". By doing this the shopping basket won’t work properly and therefore makes it impossible to place an order.

AOL browser?

You are using an America Online (AOL) browser. The AOL-client is changing IP-addresses during the same session, which means that our shopping basket will not function during a purchase attempt. Please open up another web browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) while you still have your AOL-client open, but instead, make your purchase from your new web browser (Internet Explorer or a Netscape browser).