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No.1 supplier world-widely and Lexmark Company is its won.

Our factorey is the world-leading printers consumables supplier.Own copyrighted products, The leading developing technologies,High cost performance. All our products are intellectual properties of our own company. We are always the first to develop the newest compatible cartridges in the world. The inks are made by nature pigment and they are called with "century rainbow" means they can be kept the colours clearly over 100 years.The inks are used in our most cartridges are the same as genuine ones, thus the quality of printing is as great as the original. Even though we have cost more money in our consumables development than other suppliers.
We are still selling Cheapest cartridges they are made by NO.5 supplier world-widely.
We have also most original cartridges and toners and price are cheaper.

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Shopping via our web: is safe and convenient! InkVenus uses an internationally recognized encryption protocol to encrypt all your personal data you’ve typed in before it can spread within Internet. Either direct credit or credit card (Both VISA and MasterCard) payment is welcomed. The Visa and MasterCard certified solutions, developed by DPS , has been certified with banks in Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Singapore, South Africa, USA and United Kingdom!

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Extremely Rapid delivery to your appointed address by Courier Post regardless of your order size with only $3.99 (Rural delivery is $5.99) post fee. (Post service pauses at Sunday) If you’re hurry to get some inks during weekends, call in sometime AFTER call us.

As many customers like cheapest compatible cartridges.So we have purchased them from another factory (NO.5 in the world).You can select "CHEAPEST CARTRIDGES" and find them.These cartridges will be named with InkVenus or INK-TANK brands.
InkVenus is the LEADING online retailer of cartridges and toners in New Zealand. Our ambition is to offer the cheapest inks and the fastest delivery.  Inkvenus Ltd was founded in April 2005. (GST No: 89 - 196 - 736)
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